Menthol Cool Ice

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Designed to cool any flame. Sweet menthol with cool ice exhales which reliefs the nasal and calms the senses

This product has a 60% VG and 40% PG ratio

For those who like a cool, refreshing vape juice that will cool just about anything, this is for you. it’s a rush of menthol that will stimulate your taste buds, and when you exhale, you’ll practically be able to taste the menthol as you do so. It’s a minty and menthol flavor, which might be a bit much, but if you like cool and refreshing things, this is the perfect one for you.

It’s also a great one if you tend to have nasal congestion.  That’s because, menthol has this ability to relieve the nasal cavities and help you breathe better, and not only that, it’s both calming and nice, so if you tend to get stressed out, you can use this to cool the senses and calm them down too. It’s a great way to chill, and a great way to calm down when things are quite stressful for you as well.