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Luscious raspberry ice cream deep fried to perfection

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.

This is a flavor that’s truly out of this world. It contains a luscious raspberry ice cream flavor, but it’s also got a deep fried texture to it, so it tastes like deep fried ice cream. This might sound strange for a flavor, but it’s actually quite appetizing, and quite stimulating as well. with this, you get the rush of raspberry, and so many other flavors as well from the ice cream. In a way, it tastes like deep fried raspberry ice cream, and it’s definitely something worth trying.

If you’re a fan of raspberry flavors that are both luscious, and taste amazing, then look no further, for this is a flavor that’s premium, and gives you that rush of raspberry that you definitely will want to enjoy, and a flavor that you will definitely want to use again and again, especially if you like raspberry ice cream or deep fried ice cream.