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Sink into the depths of a deep praline espresso latte

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.


While this flavor does have the name of the famous ship, it will sink into the depths of your tastebuds rather than completely sink you.

It’s got a bold, amazing flavor of a praline espresso latte, one that’s quite engaging and nice, and if you’re looking for a flavor that will plunge you to depths not thought possible, this is the one for you. This creates a bold, smooth and creamy flavor with a hint to it, combined with an espresso latte taste, giving you that jolt that you want. It’s quite the way to wake up, and it’s something that you will enjoy.  It’s quite the flavor, and ne that will definitely make you want to have more. This flavor will have you buzzing, and before you know it, you’ll sink into this deep flavor immediately, and it will give you that exciting and fun flavor that you surely will enjoy from your liquid.   

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