Aspire Cyber X Kit Review

Aspire Cyber X Kit Review – A Smooth Operator?

Aspire is not a new name in the vaping world. They've been around for more than 10 years, and they just came out with the Cyber series, a new line of pod vapes. So far, three Cyber pod vapes have come out: the Cyber S, the Cyber G, and the Cyber X. Today, we're going to talk about the Aspire Cyber X Pod Kit, which is related to Cyber S.

Features of the Aspire Cyber X Pod Kit

  • 1000MaH Battery
  • Activated Auto Draw
  • 3ml refillable pods
  • side fill pod
  • AF coil Compatible 
  • USB-C Charging
  • Specifications for the Aspire Cyber X Pod Kit
  • 3ml Pod Capacity
  • AF mesh coils 1.0 ohm /0.8 ohm
  • flexible airflow
  • Refillable, coil-replaceable pods
  • Mode of activation: Auto draw
  • Cutoff for vaping: 6 seconds
  • Charging: Type C/2A

What is included in Box?

  • (1000 mAh) Cyber X Device
  • 0 ml, 0.8 TSX Pod (Pre-installed)
  • TSX Pod (3.0 ml)
  • Cable Type-C
  • Lanyard

Design and Quality

In contrast to the Cyber S, which is tall and narrow, the Aspire Cyber X is short and square. It is extremely portable. You can see the board, battery, and pod through the device thanks to its intriguing futuristic appearance. The Cyber X is small and lightweight, and it fits almost any pocket. It only has a height of 74.2mm, a width of 51mm, and a depth of 20.5mm. This small gadget is very easy to hold and use. The device's front is made of clear plastic, so you can see what's inside. The area where your thumb or finger rests is an indented "X" with a circle in the center. The Aspire logo is a stylized "a" printed in orange letters on the clear plastic casing. The back of the device is held together by four metal screws that hold the plastic shell in place.

Aspire Cyber X Kit Design

You can see the bottom of the pod through the plastic shell, so you can see how much e-juice is left even when it's almost empty. This is very helpful and lets you keep track of your e-liquid level so you don't burn out your coil unnecessarily. Magnets hold the vape pod to the gadget, and once it's in place, it's very secure. The 1000mAh battery, on the other hand, is hidden behind a highly futuristic sleeve with a holographic design and is visible right next to the pod and board.

On the side of the device where the vape pod is, you'll find the start button and the airflow hole. The circular shape and circle impressions on the power button provide additional grip. It takes some pressure to engage the button because it is highly clicky.  The bottom of the device is also clear, and the Type-C charge port is there. Since the gadgets charging connector is located on the bottom, charging requires setting the device down. You can choose between Pearl Silver, Frost Blue, Sage Green, Coral Orange, Gunmetal, and Flax Yellow.


Of the three Cyber products that have been introduced so far, the Aspire Cyber X pod kit has the biggest battery. The 1000mAh battery will probably allow you to vape for longer than two days. Users with lighter vapes can expect to be able to vape for a few days without having to charge. Also, because the output is always the same, you won't have to charge it every day to keep the output strong enough to get a good hit.

Aspire Cyber X battery charging

Every time you take a draw, the LED light on the device's metal panel will light up. To indicate your battery level, it will illuminate in one of three colors. These things:

  • Green: 60-100%
  • Blue: 30-60%
  • Red: 30% or less

The LED will blink red to alert you that it's time to recharge when the device is entirely dead. Type-C charging at 2A lets you charge quickly, and it takes about an hour to get a full charge.


The Cyber X has two cartridges. One has a coil with 1 ohms and the other has a coil with 0.8 ohms.  You can't change them, so when the coil goes out, you have to replace the whole cartridge. You can start vaping with ease and without any special knowledge or abilities. The size of the Aspire Cyber X Replacement Pod is 3 ml. On the side of the cartridge, next to the base, is the filling hole. To get to it, you just have to lift the rubber tab.

Aspire Cyber X kit with Pods

The mouthpiece is comfortable to use because of its form, which resembles a recorder mouthpiece. The TSX pod gives you great flavors when you vape, and it's fun to use. The 1-ohm vape coil can handle e-liquids with a lot of nicotine, which is great for new users. The automatic firing device works well and is easy to use. The Aspire Cyber X pod kit is a great item for people who are just starting to vape.

Aspire Cyber X pod filling

The Cyber X does not have an adjustable airflow control. However, it does have two airflow options. You may choose between a loose and a tight MTL draw by simply rotating the pod 180 degrees. If you like a free MTL draw, make sure the Aspire Cyber S Replacement Pod is installed so that you can see the coil resistance through the clear panel. For a tight MTL draw, you shouldn't be able to see the coil resistance through the screen.


Both pods let you choose between a tight MTL draw and a free MTL draw, so you can get the draw you like best.  The printed mark is surrounded by four bright lines. As you use it, they show you how much battery is left: green for 100–60%, blue for 60–30%, and red for 30–0%. When you put the pod on to charge, these lights flash red three times, green three times when you take it off the charging line and green twenty times when it's fully charged.

The button to fire is on the side of the pod near the base. To turn it on or off, you have to push it five times in a row. With the help of this button, you may also select the operating mode. You can use the Tech X automatically by breathing into it or manually by pressing the fire button. Press the fire button three times, and then within three seconds press it one more to switch between the start-up modes. Two small LEDs marked A and B on the circuit board shows which mode is chosen. The automatic mode is indicated by LED A, whereas the manual mode is indicated by LED B.


Aspire Cyber X pod kit is a pod that is easy to use. It's small, light, and easy to put in a pocket or bag. The performance is excellent, and you can count on getting a strong gadget that maintains a 3.5V output all the way until the battery dies. It has a big 1000mAh battery that will last you at least two days of vaping.  The two pods that come with the kit can be used to get either a tight or loose mouth-to-lung (MTL) draw by simply moving the pods. Nicotine freebase or nicotine salt e-juices can be used with the pods. Check vape price in Pakistan. This is perfect for new vapers or experienced users who want a small kit to keep on hand.

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