How to deal with Burnt Coils

How to deal with Burnt Coils & Pods

When you take a puff from your vapes and immediately feel a burning sensation, doesn't that make you hate it? It tastes like charred newspaper, and the burnt vapour cloud sputters out of your mouth, burning everything in its path, including your throat and tongue.

When your coils or Replacment pods gets burned, you should stop vaping immediately and take steps to fix the problem. Bcut what steps do you need to deal with it? You can easily replace them, but something else might happen. So, we'll talk about that today. What could cause it, and what should you do to ensure this doesn't happen as often as possible? Let's get started.

Why does vape taste burn?

Whether you use a mod with a tank, an open pod vape, or even a disposable closed system, you will have a burn filter at some point. The part of the atomizer that soaks up the e-liquid so the resistance can vaporize it, called the "wick," dries out. This means that the coil has to heat a dry wick, which makes it feel like it's burning when you inhale.

How Do you know coils or pods are burned?

You will know your coils are burned because they taste bitter and unpleasant. You can also see that the filter is burned.

How does a burned coil or pods appear?

At first glance, a resistance that has been burned may not look any different from a regular coil. On the other hand, the inside wick will have edges that have been burned and singed.

burned coil or pods

What would cause burned coils and pods, and how to deal with them?

Everyone has at least one or two burnt coils or pods at some point. And since this happens so often, it's essential to know how long a vape usually lasts. All filter burns out at some point, but some can burn out faster than others, depending on how you use them. It lasts between two and three weeks, but sometimes it lasts longer. When the taste of your e-liquid changes or the amount of vapour you get starts to go down, it might be time to change that resistance.

What thing can you do to make your vapes last longer? Absolutely, Chain vaping and not priming are two of the most well-known ways to damage your experience.

Chain vaping

Chain vaping means taking puff after puff over and over again, as the name suggests. Doing that forces your wick to soak up more e-liquid to vaporize it. But each time you take a puff, you don't give the wick a chance to soak up more e-liquid. This means that the filter burns a drier and drier wick. To avoid chain vaping, wait about 30 seconds between hits. You are still getting nicotine, so whether you take 10 minor hits or 6 slightly bigger hits, you still get delicious vape flavours and enough nicotine to satisfy any craving.

Not priming

Priming your coil means you soak the wick and heating element in e-liquid to prepare them in Pod vape. So, when you turn on the device, the wick and heating element will only vaporize the e-liquid. Most tanks and atomizers with an open system have holes that let you add e-liquid. Put two or three drops of your e-liquid into those holes. Stop when the e-liquid starts to leak out. Let it sit for a few minutes after you have soaked the coils. From there, you should inhale the device WITHOUT firing it. This will pull the e-liquid onto the wick and toward the resistance and set up for the best first puff possible.

How can I Fix it?

Even though you can replace them as soon as possible, you can still get a little more use out of them until your new vape accessories arrive.

How can to fix coil

First, soak it

First, take the coils out of your e-cigarette and soak them in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes to help remove any residue.

Second, clean It (optional)

If soaking doesn't help, try putting a little lemon juice or vinegar in your bowl of hot water. Then soak it in hot water to remove any lemon or vinegar that might change the taste of your vape flavours.

Third, let it Dry in the Air

Take your filter out of the water bowl and put them on a flat surface or a towel so they can dry.

Four, Prime the resistance

The best method to avoid dry hits is to "prime." By putting a small amount of e-liquid on it, your wick will soak up the liquid and stop it from burning. Here is answer of " How to Prime a Vape coil"

Fifth, Replace

Last but not least, put it back in your e-cigarette and vape as usual.

Final words

Cleaning your vapes is a great way to keep your device for a long time. However, this is relatively easy. The best thing to do is to keep a spare resistance in an emergency. Furthermore, mod Replacement pods and coils are available at vape mall stores of all brands.

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