The Vaping Dictionary - Everything You Wanted To Know About Vape Terminology

The Vaping Dictionary - Everything You Wanted To Know About Vape Terminology

The Ultimate Glossary of Vape Terms!

There is a lot of language surrounding vaping. Here are the top terms that you should use, what they mean, and it’ll give you an understand of proper vape terminology.



ADV or All day vape: the liquid that you can use to vape all day
APV: short for advanced personal vapor, which is what some say is an electronic cigarette in the vaping community. The term is here because some people don’t want it associated with the connotations smoking has.
Amps: ampere, which is a measure of the current of electricity. Typically, these batteries are in the form of aMh hours which is 1/1000th of an ampere
Analog Cigarette: typical cigarettes that burn
ASH: action on smoking and health, which is an organization that actually is against vapes. Currently, some parts of this association support it, but there are often a lot who want restrictions on these e-cigs
Atomized Nicotine Utilizing Smoker (anus)
: despite the funny acronym, this is often used to describe a person new to vaping
Atomizer: the electronic part of the device that makes nicotine and juice vapor. The word is now commonly known as coil
Atty: atomizer


Bottom Coil Cartomizer (BCC): this is a clearomizer that has the atomizer and the heating coils at the bottom. They’re filled at the bottom area rather than the top
Bottom Dual Coil Clearomizer (BDC): this is a bottom coil clearomizer which contains two coils. This gives both more vapor and a much higher hit, but drains the batteries quicker since you’ve got two of these. You can also get them replaced with vertical versions of this
Bottom Vertical Coil Clearomizer (BVC): this is a clearomizer at the bottom that’s got a coil in a vertical manner, which allows for better airflow
Bridge: covering that is over where the atomizer is
Boxies: Vape users that use the boxed mods.
Buck: DC-DC converter of power that lowers the voltage but improves the current


Cartomizer: this is what the first e-cigs were made up of with a separate atomizer and cartridge. This then evolved into the cartomizer, which combined the cartridge that’s separate, and the atomizer into a single device.
Carts: cartridge abbreviation
CSAA: the consumer Advocacy for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association, a non-profit that supports electronic cigarettes
Ceramic Coils: these are often said to have a longer life and much more flavor. However, after some testing there is some safety concerns since some of the ceramic can be unleashed from the coils. When they get hot, there is a chance this can burn, and they’re still being tested.
Clearomizer: this is a cartridge with an atomizer that involves having a clear wall, so you can see how much is left.
Cigalike: e-cigs that are like the tobacco cigarettes
Coil: the part of the vape that heats up the juice and then makes it vapor
Clapton: a configuration of coil where a wire is wrapped around a thicker type of wire that creates the main coil. This gives more surface area for the wick itself
Clone: a copied e-cigarette, often a fake
Cloud Chasing: blowing massive clouds with a vape
Custom Mod: a mod that a person makes themselves


Diacetyl: a compound that is harmful and you may find in both juice and cigarette smoke. This is why you buy only the tested e-liquids on
Disposable e-cig: this is an e-cig that after using it, you toss it
DNA Chipset: a chipset that allows you to control the power of the cigarettes and what you do with them
DNA Mod: mod that uses the chipset described above.
Dipping: putting the atomizer into the juice before vaping it
Direct to lung (DTL): this is when the vapor is breathed in directly to where the lungs are without sitting in the mouth
Dripping: when you drip the juice onto the coil, and often this is used for custom mods
Drip shield: a part on a vape that prevents the juice from leaking when you drip tip
Dry Burn: this is what happens when you don’t’ have enough liquid. Some do this on purpose to eliminate the residue. However, the cotton can catch on fire, so don’t’ do this
Dry Hit: what you feel when the coil is gone
Dry Smoking: when the atomizer has too much solution. To fix this, you take off the mouth piece and cartridge, replace the mouthpiece again, and then wait a minute for it to dampen once again before you use this in order to create the right result from this.
Drip Tips: used originally as a device that drips some solutions into the atomizer directly. Typically, now referred to as the mouthpiece


ECA/ECASSOC: electronic cigarette association. Typically, this is where the support, standards, and interest is set up. But, it’s now defunct.
ECCA: e-cigarette consumer association of the UK, which in essence represents the customers in the UK that want to have vaping. However, they aren’t active anymore.
ECF: E-cigarette forum
ECR: e-cigarette reddit
ECTIA: Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association, which represents the electronic cigarette business within the UK. You can pay a monthly fee to be in it, but you’ll need to follow standards and undergo audits twice a year. Also tries to have fair regulations on behalf of everyone.
EGo: this is an electronic cigarette first made by joytech, and it refers to the fitting of a cartomizer or a clearomizer itself
Electronic cigar: the cigar version of the electronic cigarette.
Electronic Cigarette: a cigarette that vaporizes the nicotine, and then inhaled, compared to the smoke from cigarettes
e-liquid: the liquid used in an e-cigarette, and often contains propylene glycol, nicotine, and vegetable glycerin. Sometimes you can get some with no nicotine
ENDs: Electronic nicotine Devices which are electronic cigarettes. This is a scientific word for it.
E-Pipe: E-cig version of the pipe
E-smoking: smoking with a vape


Flavor Cigarettes: the name for the smokeless cigarettes
Fins: metal ridges that are on top of the drip tank usually to dissipate the heat
Filling: essentially it’s the little middle part on the cartomizer, usually where the wicking is, and it’s what gets dampened by the juice and creates the vapor when you use a vape.
Flavor Chaser: people who prefer flavors in the liquid
Flooding: when the juice floods the atomizer itself.


Genesis Atomizer: an RBA that has a tank under the deck of the coil. The wick is often stainless steel mesh, and is fed through a hole within the tank and then through the coil.


Han li: the inventor of the e-cigarette used currently
Herbert Gilbert: the true inventor, who created, patented, and from there built an inhalation device for this in the 1960s.
Hookah Pen: another term for shisha pens. They were popular for a bit, and in essence look like a long and thin pen that is used in hookah.
Hot spots: the clearomizer coils themselves where if you touch it, it creates a bad taste or burning sensation. Some mods avoid this
Hybrid: a mod that’s designed without the standard 510 or ego connection. The tank is put in a screwed in fashion onto the battery


IBVTA: the independent British vaping trade association, which is a trade association used to help with the independent vaping individuals


Joules: a scientific measurement of energy, which does boil down to the work used to create a watt of power in one second.


Kanthal Wire: trademarked alloy created within resistance wires of the device.


LED: the light near the other end of the cigarette, called the light emitting device. It lights up when the person breathes in, and depending on what model you’ve got, the LED might even tell you how much battery is left, such as flashing when it’s about to run out, or a bright green when charged, or red when charging
LR: Low Resistance


mAH: milli amp hour, or 1/1000th of an amp hour
Mech Mod: a mechanical mod which is something that has a battery on it, and a switch that doesn’t involve protection, or even adjustment
MOD: an e-cig that’s been modified into something unique, nowadays used to refer to a mass-manufactured box style of e-cigarettes
Mouthpiece: the butt end of the analog
Mouth to Lung (MTL): this is when it’s inhaled to the mouth, and then held for a moment before it goes to the lung.


Nico Base: nicotine base for mixing. Usually it’s a PG/VG mix, but doesn’t’ have flavors.
NNA: New Nicotine Alliance, which is a non-commercial and independent charity that wants to put a better understand forward of e-cigarettes and a good regulatory setup
Nichrome: nickel Wire: this is a wire that’s used to show how hot a temperature of a coil is in the temperature control mods
Normal L Jacobson: the originator of the term vaping


Ohms: the measurement of electronic resistance, usually used to measure the resistance of the coils that heat up located in atomizers
Organic Cotton: usually a cotton that’s Japanese, and is used in the e-cig wicks


Pen style: an electronic cigarette style that looks like a small pen
Personal Electronic Nicotine Inhaler System (penis): Again, another joke term and while some have tried to call vapes this term, usually it’s not used for obvious reasons.
Passthrough: the device that goes into a USB charger, or even a computer port so that those who vape won’t have to worry about it recharging
PCC: personal charger or portable charger, used to charge the cigalikes on the go
Priming: the action of putting coils in to soak before you use them. This lowers the chance for it to both dry burn and burn out the coils, and it’s important to have when you’ve got setups that are much more powerful.
Propylene Glycol: a liquid that is colorless that is the majority of what you have in a vape. It’s been tested many times for safety.
Personal Vaper: an electronic cigarette.


RBA: Rebuildable atomizer
RDA: Rebuildable drip atomizer
Resistance: the resistance of the coil itself within the atomizer, typically measured in ohms. Lower resistance means heat and vapor increases
Ruyan Cigarette: the first e-cigarette of modern times


Second generation E-Cigarettes: something that’s used by many scientists as a reference to the tank systems. Cigalikes were the first generation
Silica: the wicking material originally used, now replaced by ceramic and cotton
Smoke Joke: the e-liquid you use
Smokeless Cigarette: another term for an electronic cigarette, normally not used by the people who use it, but instead in media.
Snus: the Swedish word for snuff. This was taken up in Sweden and now the cancer rates have lowered a lot. Snus is banned by the EU in many countries, and they have tried to do the same with e-cigarettes
Squonking: squeezing the bottle of vape juice onto the coil.
Stealth vaping: vaping in a means to limit the attention. Lots of times, they use some techniques to minimize the visible vapor, often resorting to more discreet devices that are smaller
Steel Mesh: a mesh used to build wicks
Sub Ohming or Sub Ohm: using a coil and resistance set below an ohm to vape.


Temperature Control: setting the temperature of the atomizer to adjust the vape rather than wattage.
Throat Hit: the feeling of the vapor hitting the throat
THR: tobacco harm reduction, which is the where the support for E-cigarettes normally generates from, since it involves reducing tobacco
Titanium Coils: the alternative used when compared to the coils that are nickel. They’re stiffer, have higher amounts of resistance, and they work better. But, there is some controversy involving titanium
Tobacco Product Directive: the directive that controls tobacco products, and this does have restrictions on e-cigs
Topping: topping the top of a cartridge with the juice


Vape: inhaling vapor from an e-cig
Vaper: individual that vapes
Vaping: inhaling vapor with an e-cig
Vapeaversary: the celebration of when you started vaping, especially if you smoked before
Vapers in Power: the political party that represents the vaping people within the UK, working to tell others of vaping issues and raising awareness
Vape Porn: pictures of the e-cigs and vape juice. Often involving scantily clad women.
Vaper’s Tongue: loss of taste when vaping suddenly
Vaper and Gratification Inducing Nicotine Apparatus (vagina): another humorous term for a vape
Vent Holes: a battery safety feature to get rid of gases from a battery
Venting: when the gas gets released from the vent holes in the battery
Vooping: vaping on the toilet.
Vape Shop: Usually an online or a brick and mortar shop carrying vape hardware and e-liquids.
VG: vegetable glycerin, which is a colorless, doodles, liquid that’s sweet, and it works as an alternative to the propylene glycol by many when they mix the liquid that they have. Some use it because it can increase the production of vaper.


Watt: unit of power, usually a joule per second
Wick: cotton or fabric in the cartridge, used to absorb the liquid and will keep it until it gets vaped
Wrap: a single movement of a wire when a coil is built


x-vaping: exhale vapor from an e-cig


Zero NIC: has no nicotine in it
Zooping: using the e-cigs at the zoo

And there you have it, all of the popular e-cig terms!

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