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All About Juul Pods

Juul pods are great for a lot of people to use in vapes. Some people prefer Juul pods over traditional vape juice. Here is what you need to know about Juul pods, and why they’re so popular as well.

What are Juul Pods?

Juul pods are essentially little devices that fit right on top of your Juul and are essentially the mouthpiece of your vape device.

They’re tiny little pods, and all of the hardware is included in the Juul, so you never have to replace it.

There are different types of refillable Juul pods, which include empty Juul pods that you can fill up again. Not all Juul pods are refilling Juul pods, but there are refillable Juul pods for sale.

You can find the best refillable Juul pods at the bottom when we go over where you should buy your Juul pods so you can have a good idea for what exactly it is that you’re getting, and how to refill Juul pods too.

There are different types of Juul pods including nicotine free Juul pods which are great for those looking to quit smoking.

But for those who are interested in the variety of flavours, there are mint Juul pods  that has the refreshing taste of mint to it.

There is also menthol Juul pods for those who like the taste of menthol in their Juul pods, and that is something to consider. Juul pods mint and menthol are two popular flavours.

There is also mango Juul pods which come with the refreshing taste of mango to them.  You can typically find mango Juul pods for sale, and there are some Juul pods mango that you can get.

Finally, there are other Juul pod flavours. Flavoured Juul pods are usually the one that most people prefer, simply because you can just click a flavour on top, and then you’re ready to go!

You may wonder how big are Juul pods? They’re tiny. In fact, they’re so tiny that it’s probably one of the best things to take if you’re going on a trip. Rather than a complex vape device that you have to take through airport security, you can of course just take one of these Juul pods and it does the job and then some.

Why Are Juul Pods so Expensive

The first thing that you’ll notice is the cost of Juul pods is a bit more than your traditional disposable e-liquid.

That’s because there is the fact of shipping, and that it does require different chemicals to be added to it.

The formula that’s used in the e-liquid is a strictly controlled process form, so you don’t have to worry about Juul pod leaking or any other issues.  But the reason why they get up in price is because they have to be tested and approved by partners, so you definitely want something that’s high-quality, and won’t be compromised in any sort of manner.

You may wonder where to buy these pods, such as where to buy menthol Juul pods or where to buy mango Juul pods. Some retailers online have perks where if you’re looking to get a batch of them, they offer a little bit of a discount.

You can also choose where to find Juul pods from different offline and online retailers.  Some places have different perks to Juul pods, and they also may even offer a monthly perk where if you buy it again and again, you won’t get charged for shipping or offer a smaller price.

They’re expensive because they have to be made with a specific, high-quality formula, and that is something that you don’t want to mess with, especially since some people do blame the reason why they have health issues on Juul pods or other vape devices, so quality is of the utmost importance.

How to Refill Juul Pods

While there are refillable Juul pods, not all of them are like that. The .7 mL ones are the only ones which are refillable, so instead of tossing this, you can use this again. To fill this, you first need to take care of the mouthpiece by taking it off.

The next thing that you need to do is take the silicone cover that’s off of that right off. From there, you want to fill the chamber with e-juice, but only make it about ¾ of the way up.

Replace the cover on this, and then the mouthpiece, and from there, you can continue to vape.  You can do this if you’re looking to not spend as much money on off-brand pods.

This is really good if you’re someone who is heavily reliant on the Juul pods, but you don’t really want to keep buying a bunch of them again and again. This is definitely great too because it’s a lot more affordable to just refill this again and again if you’re looking to replace this continuously.

Why Are My Juul Pods Leaking

This is another problem that happens over time.  You may wonder why do Juul pods leak.

For starters, this can be something that sometimes happens.  This also can happen when you’re refilling too.

The best means of how to stop Juul pods from leaking is to first check the chamber and make sure that there isn’t any residual e-liquid. If there is, wipe it off, and then continue on with vaping.

If this still happens, there are a few things that you should definitely do.  First, puff aggressively. The harder puffs will pull the liquid out of the mouthpiece, so you’re not keeping that around as much.

After that, relax your mouth when you do puff, and make sure you’re not biting or forcefully holding onto the mouthpiece. That pressure can compromise the chambers of the mouthpiece.

Finally, without squeezing it, take two fingers against the outer edge of the mouthpiece.  Push it down and click it into place. That clicking may be a sign that it was kicked out of place, and needs to be put back in.

Finally, if you do notice that your Juul pods are still leaking, go talk to someone or contact customer service. It may be a faulty pod, but usually, leaking Juul pods is not as common as you think, and if it happens occasionally, that’s not always a sing that your pod is screwed.

Where to Buy Vape Juice  and Juul Pods

Typically, where to buy Juul pods is a question that many have. if you’re looking for mango Juul pods for sale, or even mint Juul pods near me, you may have a lot of questions.

First and foremost, you can buy Juul pods online form many retailers.  Typically, Juul pods for sale from this come in a variety of Juul pods flavours. But, with Juul pods online, it can be hard to find cheap Juul pods, so you may have to look for Juul pods cheap online, especially if you’re looking to find some great Juul pods that work for you.

Now, usually some places run sales for cheap Juul pods. You may also find them from smoke shops, or gas station Juul pods, however, those cheap Juul pods may be compromised.

But, with the cost of Juul pods, it can be hard to find the right ones online. However, does have some great options, they are not compromised and come in a variety of Juul pods flavours for you to choose from, from cucumber Juul pods to even crème brulee Juul pods.

You can get some off brand Juul pods, which are essentially compatible Juul pods that work in most Juul devices. These are alternative Juul pods, which could be good for a lot of people if they’re worried about this.

How Much do Juul Pods Cost?

Some people like to buy bulk Juul pods because it’s a bit cheaper.

On average, they’re about 2300-3600 RS, which is around 20-30 USD on Vapemail’s site.

You may wonder why are Juul pods so expensive. Well, the cost of Juul pods, especially for non-American retailers are a lot more expensive. Finding Juul pods cheap online can be a struggle, but going with one of these is definitely one of the best. The Juul pod price also does reflect some of the nicotine that’s in it, so the reason why Juul pods cost more in some cases is because you’re using it more and more, and if there is more nicotine, they have to add that accordingly.

Where to Buy Juul Pods Online?

If you’re looking for Juul pods online, checking different vape retailers is the best way to do it.

One place to check out is they have a variety of Juul pod flavours, and it’s so popular that they oftentimes have to restock quickly because they sell out. They have competitive pricing for international customers.

The official Juul site as well has some great cartridges, but they don’t offer a bulk service, so if you’re looking to buy bulk, an alternative retailer is a good way to do it. Usually, getting bulk, either 2, 3, or 4 cartridges at a time is one of the best things for you to do, because it lets you hold onto the pods for a whole lot longer, and it can be a great way for you keep them in use over time.

Finding them online is pretty easy. But you should always make sure that they are official products, or if they are an alternative or off brand Juul pod, you check to make sure that they are reputable, so you’re getting a quality product that’ll last you a whole lot longer than ever thought before.

What Chemicals are in Juul Pods?

Juul pods come in a variety of different flavours, but the cool thing is that the chemicals are relatively all the same.

The main chemical that people usually have Juul pods for is the nicotine. This is of course, the chemical that’s used to help smokers move to vaping.  The nicotine that’s in it pharmaceutical grade nicotine that comes directly from tobacco plants.

This also comes with propylene glycol, which of course is a clear liquid that, along with glycerin, is used to create the vapor. These two chemicals work together to give you the vape experience which you are familiar with. And of course, most of the e-liquids in these Juul pods contain the propylene glycol that gives a great and immersive experience.

Then there is benzoic acid, which is an ingredient in this that works with nicotine. This is used to create a nicotine salts formula, which helps provide a satisfaction that’s like a cigarette. For those that are looking for an experience similar to smoking a cigarette, this is probably the one thing you should look for in your Juul pods.

And finally, the last ingredient in these Juul pods is the flavour. This is both natural ingredients, but also artificial ones that offer a flavour profile tat hits with each flavour. This can be a dessert flavour profile that tastes like cookies for example, or a fruity profile that tastes like mangoes.

Again, this is put through a rigorous and controlled process to offer a great experience that’s uniform for every single customer out there.

How to Make Juul Pods Last Longer

First, let’s talk about how long do Juul pods last.

Well, a typical Juul pod will last about 200 puffs, although that’s a guesstimate. 

To make Juul pods last longer, you can try to take shorter puffs so you’re not inhaling as much of the e-liquid that is in it.  That way, you can use it for a bit longer.

Also, holding the battery when you’re not inhaling should be avoided. That’s because it can push the liquid to vapor form, but if you’re not using it, it will only waste liquid as well.

You can make Juul pods last longer by also not using it as much and not using it as a crutch or relying on it too much, but of course, if you’re using this as a means to quit smoking, this can be a bit harder for you to do as well.

You also may wonder can you refill Juul pods? Well, they typically can’t be refilled unless they’re alternative Juul pods or off-brand Juul pods, but if you notice your Juul pods leaking, then you may want to get something else.

How to Clean Juul Pods

Cleaning Juul pods is how to make Juul pods last longer. This is also good for cleaning devices period.

To do this, the first thing that you should do is of course, have an empty Juul pod.  You can then put them in some distilled water and vinegar to soak them in that. You also can after cleaning them up, just use a dry q tip to help wipe it all down.

If you’re planning to refill it with the same juice, you can always just wipe it down with a qtip to help make sure that it’s properly cleaned.  You can also let them dry out too.  Some people also like to use alcohol as well rather than vinegar and water simply because it dries out quickly.

Once you’ve finished cleaning them, you can let them sit out, and when they’re dried, they can be refilled. Usually a day or so is a good way to test it.

From there you simply put the liquid in, and then use it again!

For most people, you can get about 8-12 different refills with each pod.  This of course, is also based on how much the coil has been used. If you’re a heavier user, you may have closer to 8, simply because of how many times you’ve used the pod, and the state of the coil.

Do NOT however use an ultrasonic cleaner with this. It can unravel and destroy the wick totally, ruining the pod completely. The ultrasonic cleaner is not really the best one, since it can ruin the silica fibers, twist them off, and then they end up splaying out.

How old To Buy Juul Pods

Juul pods are only to be used by adult smokers. Anyone under the age of 21 is not allowed to use Juul pods.

They do ask a few questions, and there is an identity check to verify age before you can buy them.  If you buy them in the store, you obviously will be checked too, but you also will be checked online too.

However, some places do allow for the sale of Juul pods at 18. But with the smoking age being raised, the Juul pod age is also potentially raised too.

How Much Nicotine is in Juul Pods

Each of those little pods has .7 mL in each pod.  Every single pod comes with the ability to have 200 puffs, which is about as much as a pack of cigarettes.  However, there isn’t any controls that really go and regulate how much nicotine there is in this, so you might be taking a much higher hit than you may be used to.

Some people do like Juul pods over the traditional cigarettes because of how much cheaper they are than cigarettes in some cases.  While cigarette prices are getting higher and higher, reaching 10 dollars a pack in some places, this is around 4-6 dollars a pack, so a lot cheaper.

However, for the average smoker who smokes a pack a day, you’ll go through a pod of this quickly, and it can add up just like smoking. The nicotine levels in this are supposed to be similar to cigarettes, offering an alternative to smokers that typically struggle with moving off cigarettes.  

How to Spot Fake Juul Pods?

Fake Juul pods are becoming more and more common. These are pods that are marketed directly as Juuls, but they aren’t, and this can be dangerous, since they aren’t properly regulated.  It’s important to make sure you don’t buy into these, since it can affect you, and potentially affect your device too.

The best way to figure it out is by looking for four different things:

  1. Check the packaging. If there are four dots near the top instead of the logo that’s on top, that’s a fake Juul.
  2. The fake Juul pods usually have a harsher oil and an e-juice in this too mixed with it, so it’s much harsher than the typical Juul. They also will have different colored caps, usually being very brightly colored.  For example, one flavour from Juul directly will be a yellowish-orange, whereas the fake is brightly yellow.
  3. The cotton in the real Juul pod is arranged nicely and looks perfect. The fake will have a fluffy cotton that looks messy.
  4. The pod will feel cheap, and will tend to leak a whole lot more. The real ones are much more professionally-packed.

If you see any of these four things, that’s a sign your Juul pod is fake.

How Many Juul Pods Can you Bring on a Plane

You may have up to 3.4 ounces of liquid within each container, and no more than a liter of this for each person.  These pods can be in either your carry-on, or your checked baggage, however, these must be in a bag that’s transparent.  The best way for you to pack these pods, is of course to put them in a Ziplock bag that’s clear, so it doesn’t look like you’re wholesaling.  The liquid in this is under the maximum allowed, so you don’t have to worry about liquid issues.

However, the Juul device must be in your carry-on, and the pod must be removed. Smoking is typically not allowed on flights, and because it may be a fire hazard or safety hazard, they also may ask for you to take the Juul’s battery out, for your own safety and security as well.

What Pods are Compatible with Juul

There are a lot of Juul-compatible, pods, but there are some that stand out from the rest.

One of the best is Ziip pods, which are about cheap and come in over twenty different flavours.  They typically have a pretty high concentration of e-liquid, and they usually offer more liquid than the typical Juul pod.  They also come in fun flavours, and do work with your Juul device.

There is also Eonsmoke pods.  These are compatible with your Juul and are pretty inexpensive too. They offer nicotine concentrations that go up to 7%, so a bit higher than your Juul pods. They also hold a lot more liquid.  They also offer nicotine-free ones, and they typically emulate the same throat hit that the nic salt would offer, and they use betel nut and Areca to do this.  This is good for those who want to quit smoking period.

Finally, there are VQ pods, which are essentially an alternative, and they supplement the growing market for Juul. They come in multiple flavours and are very similar to Juul, in how their nic salt concentration is and what’s included. They also come with a mL of juice too, so more than Juul.

You can’t go wrong with any of these, are are good alternatives to Juul


From CBD Juul pods to Cucumber Juul pods, there are a lot of Juul pods options out there for you to try. Luckily, you can have a lot of fun experimenting with this too, and it offers a numerous amount of different benefits that you will enjoy.

Juul pods are a great alternative to smoking, and worth checking out if you’re looking for some great ones that can do the job and then some for you too.