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Mango Honeydew by Binjai Ejuice and Eliquid 60ml

Mango Honeydew by Binjai Ejuice and Eliquid 60ml

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Mango Honeydew Ejuice by BINJAI Eliquids:

Sweet mango and cool fresh honeydew. You can’t ask for a riper combination. This is the peng-est. Binjai Juice once again takes the game to our tastebuds with the wonderfully colourful flavours of their ejuices. Enjoy freshly sliced mango, chilled to perfection with the right level of sweetness embellished with the creamy melon note that fresh honeydew can provide. Are you prepared to tingle your lips and tongue with a combination of fruity vape thats fruity and slightly creamy and cooling at the same time? We certainly are!

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