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RELX Vaping And Electronic Cigarette Devices

RELX Tech the company behind all vaping starter kits and Relx Pods is a Chinese company that is now the biggest electronic cigarette company in China. Recently RELX entered in USA stock exchanges and as of writing of this date in Jan 2021 it has become a 45 billion dollar company with presence in 17 countries.

Vapemall was the first company that introduced RELX in Pakistan and it was a major hit among the users of RELX devices because of it quality built and the quality of RELX flavour pods.


The phenomenal growth of RELX is due to its engineering of the pods. The company has put millions of dollars  and team of 100 researches to come up with the perfect vaping draw that takes into account some of the key elements of that a vape user is looking for which includes but not limited to vapor temperature, no leakage of pods, flavor profiles of the various flavours, puff capacity, battery capacity and more.

RELX Infinity And Essential Devices

Upgrading from the RELX Classic device which is the biggest hit in the closed pod vaping segment RELX has launched the new and improved RELX Essential and Infinity devices. For Pakistan Vapemall has brought these kits to the vaping community.

RELX Essential device is the lower cost version that is basically meant for people to make it easy to get hold of RELX  device and use the new PRO PODS.

relx infinity device


relx essential device


RELX PRO pods are the newly designed closed pods that are pre-filled with the same high quality ejuice that one can expect from them. The new PRO pods are compatible with both the infinity and essential pod devices.

RELX NANO 2 Disposable Closed POD System

Disposable closed pod systems are very popular among the cigarette smoker turned vapers as it offers the ease of use for the people. No need to charge and can be carried anywhere you want with out the hassle of worrying about charging and still having the same great vape and to curb the nicotine craving. No doubt RELX NANO 2 has earned its respect among the vaping community